Overview of Products We Use

Bass Mechanics uses innovative products from industry leading brands and integrates these products to transform concepts into reality in the most economical way. Bass Mechanic's crew are not only well versed theoretically but are able to effectively use these quality products to deliver a professional service.



FOH and monitor mixing consoles include:

  • SOUNDCRAFT VI6 digital console
  • SOUNDCRAFT VI4 digital console
  • SOUNDCRAFT VI1 digital console
  • SOUNDCRAFT SI Compact 32 digital mixing console
  • SOUNDCRAFT SI Compact 24 digital mixing console
  • SOUNDCRAFT SI Compact 16 digital mixing console
  • SOUNDCRAFT MH3 48 channel console
  • SOUNDCRAFT GB8 48 channel console
  • as well as smaller SOUNDCRAFT consoles

FOH and monitor mixing processors include:

  • DBX drive rack 4800
  • DBX drive rack 260
  • DBX drive rack PA
  • DBX compressor limiters and gates
  • Lexicon and Yamaha effect units
  • BSS and DBX equalizers
  • Denon and Tascam playback units
  • BSS Audio Logo
  • Tascam Logo
  • Lexicon Logo
  • Denon Logo
  • DBX Logo
  • Soundcraft Logo


Microphone options include:


as well as a full range of WIRED SHURE SM and Beta Series Microphones. We also have a range of AKG, AUDIX and SENNHEISER microphones available.

  • Shure Logo
  • Sennheiser Logo
  • Audix Logo
  • AKG Logo

Speakers and amplifiers

Loudspeakers offering include:

  • L-ACOUSTICS KUDO line array
  • JBL VERTEC line array
  • medium to small format JBL VRX line array
  • tour grade JBL SRX stacked system
  • small format JBL PRX powered series

as well as a full range of monitor options including:

  • VRX-M
  • PRX615-M

JBL EON G2 powered speakers.

Amplification include:

  • CROWN iTech HD with built in BSS processing, controlled with system architect and tour manager
  • CROWN MACRO-TECH series, all complimented by DBX DIGITAL DRIVERACK technology
  • L-ACOUSTICS LA48A amplifiers, all complimented by DOLBY LAKE processors
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  • JBL Logo
  • Crown Logo


Backline Amplification and instrumentation available include:

  • complete Drum Kits
  • eastern and western percussion
  • KORG, ROLAND and YAMAHA keyboards
  • bass guitar amplifiers
  • lead guitar amplifiers
  • keyboard amplifiers
  • keyboard stands by USS, APEX, Invisible, Quick-Loc, Rok-Steady and K&M
  • music stands
  • Hartke Audio Logo
  • Kandm Logo
  • Korg Logo
  • Marshall Logo
  • Quiklok Logo
  • Roland Logo
  • Tama Logo
  • Ultimate Logo
  • Yamaha Logo

DJ equipment

DJ mixers which include:

  • Pioneer DJM-400
  • Pioneer DJM-600

Pioneer DJM-800 CD players include:

  • Pioneer CDJ 200
  • Pioneer CDJ 800
  • Pioneer CDJ 900
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000
  • Pioneer CDJ 2000

Turntables include:

  • Techniques SL1200 MK2

Our DJs now use an advanced Computer / Turntable Interface:

  • Rane Serato Scratch Live
  • Pioneer Logo
  • Scratch Logo
  • Techniques Logo

Lighting and Lighting Consoles

Lighting inventory range include:

  • Generic lighting
  • DTS moving heads
  • OBY moving heads
  • Martin moving heads
  • Robe moving heads and
  • LED lighting (moving heads and par cans)

Lighting consoles include:

  • SGM lighting consoles and
  • Avolites lighting consoles
  • Avolites Logo
  • Robe Logo
  • Martin Logo
  • SMG Logo
  • DTS Logo
  • Chauvet Logo

Lighting Accessories

Lighting accessories:

  • Smoke/Haze machines
  • Laser lighting
  • Follow spots
  • Mirror balls
  • Disco lights
  • UV lights
  • SGM Logo
  • Jem Logo
  • Martin Logo
  • DTS Logo
  • Chauvet Logo
  • Lemaitre Logo

Screens and Projectors

Full range of Screen options include:

  • TRUSS Screens
  • FAST FOLD Screens and Mobile Roll up Screens

Mobile Roll up Screens all available in a host of industry sizes. We also have an extensive range of Plasma and LCD Screens available from 42 inch to 60 inch with FULL HD capability. We have recently partnered with other companies in the LED and DAYLIGHT screen market to also offer these at the most competitive rates to our clients Our Projectors Range from 2000 NCL up to 6500 NCL which include:

  • Sony
  • Sanyo
  • Vivitek
  • Christie
  • Christie Logo
  • Vivitek Logo
  • Dalite Logo
  • Sony Logo
  • Sanyo Logo
  • Samsung Logo
  • LG Logo

Cameras and Video Processing

Some of the cameras we use:

  • Sony PD-170 (Standard Definition)
  • Sony HVR-1000 (High Definition)
  • Sony HVZ-7e (High Definition)

Canon 5D / 7D / 60D, Bass Mechanics offers Broadcast Quality Vision Mixing, as well as HD/SD live recording and H264 live streaming

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  • Datavideo Logo
  • Blackmagic Logo
  • Apple Logo
  • Canon Logo

Trussing & Staging & Structures


All our lighting is secured by means PROLYTE Quad and Tri-lite trussing of varied lengths, which are inspected according to industry standards with the relevant certification and rigging via certified rigging points available in most venues. In addition our company is certified in rigging and rigging techniques. Together with structural engineers that issue compliant certificates for all structures erected, and Certified Electricians that issue COCs on site, we ensure your function is safe and within legal requirements.


Stages are built from modular podiums or decks that can be used in a multitude of combinations, levels and angles. Industry Standard stage table sizes 1.2m x 2.4m in any configuration required. The stages common heights are 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm The stage structures are safe and are complemented by stairs and safety railings if required.


All structures are approved and certified by structural engineers. Because of health and safety issues becoming more apparent worldwide in our industry, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our equipment meets the safety specifications as laid out by our governing body (TPSA).

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