About us

Bass Mechanics offers complete event technical solutions providing equipment along with expert technicians and engineers to operate.

Established by Sushil Patidar in 2003, Bass Mechanics originated from humble beginnings providing sound. The company has grown over the years to offer a full range of services and expert resources. At Bass Mechanics, we support our innovative products and services with knowledgeable and responsive customer service and technical support. We work closely with our customers, analysing their needs, developing plans and providing all of the services required to ensure success and complete satisfaction. Our creative contribution lies in the technical area, where we believe it can add that almost indefinable "something" to your concept.

Our Commitment

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by delivering prompt and accurate service to our customers in the most professional, efficient and reliable manner. We give our customers the assurance that we will be there when they need us.

Consistent quality

All Bass Mechanics products are purchased from reputable manufacturers; rider friendly, easy to operate based on 100 percent quality control and are warranted to produce reliable sound. Every piece of equipment will meet stated performance specifications, and live up to our company’s enviable reputation for long-term reliability.

Basic Company Information

Company Registration Number: 2003/091204/23

Company VAT Number: 4260262052


We are key player in the global events industry, providing innovative services to a wide variety of clients and adding to the enjoyment of those attending events...

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to excellence and value-added services, constantly striving to make our service the best in the industry.


  1. To establish a sustainable, financially viable business with the following key objectives:
    • Deliver customer service value in terms of the expectations
    • Deliver cost effective services
    • Continually add value to our service offerings
  2. To optimize the operational environment and create a compelling place to work with the following key objectives:
    • Continuous business improvement by committed and highly skilled staff
    • Growing and nurturing staff
  3. To build and leverage strong relationships with industry players and stakeholders in order to develop future business prospects with the following key objectives:
    • Building industry alliances
    • Increase existing and new services up take
    • Attract new customers

Core Business Values

At Bass Mechanics we believe in offering a professional service providing quality and behaving ethically to add value to our clients.


Bass Mechanics core business values

We have what it takes

  • Capacity: We have the technical equipment and staff
  • Experience: We have over 10 years industry experience
  • Logistics: We are feasible and can cater for your function wherever it may be in South Africa
Bass Mechanics key differentiators